Tuesday, December 28, 2010

IRIB: "US, Israel conspiring to disintegrate Sudan"

I hope the ZOG R & D department is taking notes:
Sudanese Ambassador to Tehran Sulayman Abdut-Tawwab Az-Zain said on Tuesday that the US and Zionists are conspiring to disintegrate Sudan.

The Sudanese ambassador revealed the conspiracy in an interview with IRNA.

He said that the West is seeking to disintegrate Sudan as a prelude to implement the strategy to damage territorial integrity of the other Arab and Islamic states worldwide.

The Zionists along with some western states and the US in particular are determined to set up permanent base for themselves in South of Sudan, he underlined.

The ambassador said that the Zionists are endeavoring to find access to the Nile to exert pressures on Egypt.

He called on the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference to render political, military and economic support to the Khartoum government.

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