Sunday, December 05, 2010

Iran wants what?

Very strange story. Can you imagine the US complying with the request? The President affirmed today that the controversial Wikileaks documents appear to be genuine, but advised Iran "not to freak out or anything."
Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki asked the White House leaders to make an explicit and official announcement on the authenticity of the documents released by the WikiLeaks website and openly declare if they approve the genuineness of these reports.

"Americans should explicitly declare whether they accept (authenticity) of these documents or not," Mottaki told FNA on Sunday.

Meantime, the Iranian minister reiterated that if authenticated, the revelations of the WikiLeaks should be viewed as a great scandal for the United States' diplomacy.

Many world countries have rejected WikiLeaks revelations about their states, saying that the site makes such claims in pursuit of politically-driven objectives desired by certain parties.

There are numerous ambiguities about the WikiLeaks and some analysts believe that the US deliberately publishes the reports in pursuit of suspicious goals.

Iranian officials and politicians have also warned of the so-called information released by the site and the hidden objectives behind the move.
So a statement from the US would be really useful in helping them calm down . . .

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