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Chavez: "The real democracy is the one that's contained in [Gaddafi's] Green Book"

Chavez was just in Tripoli giving a "lecture" at the "International Centre for Green Book Studies." Amir Taheri recently commented "Gaddafi has committed a 'Green Book', echoing Mao Zedong’s 'Little Red Book', full of gems that would make even the Chinese Communist despot sound profound." Don't tell Chavez. If JANA, Libya's news agency, is to be believed, Chavez declared that the Green Book is the repository of "real democracy":
President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela said his country has made big strides towards execution of direct democracy. Several Communes had been set up in different parts of the country as well as popular councils and committees and revolutionary committees, he said.
Revolutionary committees! What could be more democratic than that?
This was announced by Chavez in a lecture he delivered at the International Centre for Green Book Studies and Research in Tripoli on Tuesday.

Chavez was in Tripoli to participate in the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of Gt al Fatah Revolution. [...]
Big JANA stories tend to be published in installments. Here is the "1st Addendum":
President Chavez praised in his lecture the Leader of the Revolution stances and struggle throughout the phases of the revolution which steadfasted all challenges posed by reactionary forces..
Gotta steadfast those challenges if you want to have a "Gt" revolution.
"The real democracy is the one that's contained in the Green Book .. through the popular rule not the popular expression.", Chavez said.

"The green book reached Venezuela in the seventies where it was subject of study by many of Latin American revolutionaries.

He praised the achievements realized in Libya under the Gt al Fatah Revolution both internally and externally.
In more great news for progressives, Chavez also visited Iran:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a joint meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Saturday that the era of world arrogance has ended and the anti-imperialism bloc should be supported.

"Helping deprived nations against imperialism is the mission of Iran and Venezuela," President Ahmadinejad reiterated. [...]
Of course, the fight against the World Arrogance begins at home and ends in Honduras.

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