Monday, September 14, 2009

Israel deploys WorldNetDaily against Iran!

Iran's PressTV has the scoop!
Amid heated speculation about the "secret" visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Russia and the pirate attack on a Russian freighter, a mysterious Israeli "secret weapon" has joined the arsenal of psychological warfare against Iran.

In an "exclusive" report, the WorldNetDaily website warns Iran of a "secret weapon" that Israel allegedly tested in great secrecy (except for revealing it on the internet!).

According to this report, Netanyahu's visit to Russia was, after all, routine and prearranged.

However, it was given a mysterious angle to what was really going on, namely super-secret weapons test to prepare for an act of aggression against Iran.

The repeated threats and talks of "secret" and "ultimate" weapons recalls the claims by Germany's Nazi leaders in their final days, as they tried to cheer up their all-but-defeated nation with such promises and even murdered thousands of civilians in London with their indiscriminate secret "Vengeance" missiles.

Unlike Israel, Iran's best defense does not rely on secret weapons, or unprovoked attacks against other nations.

Iran's ability to defend itself and its deterrent capabilities are known to public. However, above all that is the transparency of its peaceful nuclear program, which -- unlike Israel's -- is open to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)'s inspection.

But, the psywar still goes on.
Meanwhile, IRIB Radio has its own article on Fadlallah's recent pronouncements, complete with a different spelling of his name. Here "Fazlollah" is referred to as "Lebanon's senior most religious authority." For the Sunnis, too?
Lebanon's senior most religious authority, Allama Seyyed Mohammad Hussein Fazlollah, issued a religious edict forbidding any kind of ties with the usurper state of Israel. According to Press TV, he declared: "Normalization of ties with the Zionist enemy in any form is prohibited by the Shari'a."

He said in a statement issued on Sunday "We confirm that the fatwa against normalization applies to every Muslim."

The Allama added that the whole of Palestine within its historic borders is an Arab and Muslim territory and that no Arab leader has the right to relinquish even an inch of land that belongs to the Palestinians.

The fatwa was issued as US Mideast envoy George Mitchell is visiting the illegal Zionist entity to try to extract more concessions from the oppressed people of Palestine on the pretext of peace with the Israeli usurpers.
On the post-election front, a Fars headline reads "Detainee Underlines Westerners' Leading Role in Post-Election Frenzy":
An IT expert in the former presidential candidate, Mir Hossein Mousavi's election campaign, who was detained after Iran's post-election unrests, confessed to his crimes, alleging that he had been gullible enough to be deceived by certain western countries.

Speaking at the fifth session of court hearing for the post-election detainees here in Tehran this morning, the detainee identified only as A.A said he actions when serving as a member of the IT committee of Mousavi's election campaign pleased western countries who had designed the unrests.

"It seemed like I was on a train whose destination had been designed and specified by the secret agencies of the US, western countries, the Zionist regime and anti-Revolutionary groups," he said.

A.A also described the Iranian peoples' vigilance and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei's wisdom as the main elements which foiled plots against the Islamic Republic. [...]
Just the vigilance alone wouldn't have done it.

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