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Khomeini's daughter: Israel out to "occupy the entire Islamic world"

The apple, maybe the pistachio in this case, doesn't fall very far from the tree. An IRIB Radio article on the same remarks features the same claim: "Imam’s daughter: Israel’s long term objective, occupation of entire Islamic world." The Fars article is a bit longer, but neither one really elaborates on the Islamic-world-occupation claim. The great conspiracy seems to be thwarted every year by Qods Day, however:
Secretary General of Union for Organizations Supporting Palestinian Ideals said Israel's long term objective is not limited to occupation of Palestine, as they intend to occupy the entire Islamic world.

The daughter of the late Imam Khomeini (P), Zahra Mostafavi, who was speaking at a gathering of South African elite Muslim women added on Wednesday, "Fortunately the Muslim nation's sensitivity about the Holy Qods does not permit the criminals to achieve their objectives so easily, as they each year renew their strong support for the Palestinian nation."

She was quoted by the Islamic republic news agency as saying that replying positively to the late Imam's call for launching a global movement aimed at liberation of the Holy Qods is a sheer duty for every single Muslim around the globe today, adding, "Imam Khomeini (P) was an Iranian, but had no prejudice about his Iranian nationality and therefore, he established the International Qods Day as a shared concern for the entire world Muslims as a foundation stone at the service of the greater objective Islamic unity and solidarity."

Mostafavi reiterated, "For us Muslims Fridays are sacred, just as for the Jews Saturdays, and for the Christians Sundays are, and that was the reason why the late Imam (P) chose the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan, which is doubly as sacred, as the Qods Day, so that the entire Muslims would unite and upraise for materializing a sacred objective." [...]
Iran seems to be counting on Qods Day hoopla to act as a distraction from its post-election crackdown. An article in Tehran Times defending a decision "to refrain from identifying the defendants in the most recent trial on the post-election unrest" ends with three paragraphs on Qods Day. We are also told at PressTV that "Iran's jews call for big turn-out in Quds Day rallies":
The Tehran Jewish Committee has called for a big turnout in the Quds Day rally across the country tomorrow.

In their communiqué, quoted by Iran-based Mehr News Agency, the Tehran Jewish Committee states: "The Quds Day is a sign of the love of the followers of divine religions for God's (City) of Quds and the city that is revered by monotheists throughout the world, and a sign of the revulsion of the nations towards violence and suppression of the heroic Palestinian nation."

The late leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini designated the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as the Quds (Jerusalem) Day, to highlight the plight of the Palestinians, under Israeli occupation.

But, Palestine and Jerusalem (al-Quds) are not the only aims of this day, for the great revolutionary leader described this day as a day that is "not focused on Quds only, but it is a day of confrontation between the oppressed and the oppressors."

The statement from the organization representing Iran's 4,000-year-old Jewish community goes on to back the late Ayatollah Khomeni's call and expresses its support for a Jerusalem (Quds) that would be "a city of divine religions, peace and fraternity."

In a related development, the parliamentary representative of Iran's Jewish community, Siamak Moreh-Sedeq said: "On this day, in concert with the Muslim nations, the country's Jews will direct their anti-iniquity cries against all servants of imperialism and Zionism," according to a Fars News Agency report today. [...]
In other news on the "anti-iniquity" front, Hezbollah honcho Nasrallah has now received his very own olive tree, courtesy of some Palestinians. "The olive tree," we are told, "is a symbol of resistance in the Palestinian culture." And I bet you thought they were just good on pizza.

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