Sunday, September 06, 2009

New York Times can't quite express it clearly

The New York Times currently has an article about how Hamas isn't forcing Islam on people except when it is. One paragraph presents Hamas thinking on ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:
It rejects Israel’s right to exist and remains doctrinally committed to its destruction. However, its leaders have said several times that if Israel were to leave all land taken in the 1967 war, Hamas could accept a Palestinian state limited to the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, depending on the terms of a truce.
"Depending on the terms of a truce"? The New York Times itself fairly recently reported on an interview with Khaled Mashal in which we learned that the truce would only last 10 years. Hamas officials have been expressing their "acceptance" of two states in these terms for years. There is no "However." Expect continued failure by Western journalists to be as clear as Hamas has been.

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