Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Text of Leader's Speech at the Exceptional Honouring in Venezuela in Which He was Granted Order of Simon Bolivar"

The phrase "Dear Brother Revolutionary Hero Chavez" is priceless:
The Leader of the Revolution made the following statement at the honouring ceremony in the Island of Margarita during which he was granted "Order of Bol?var", the highest medal of Venezuela by President Hugo Chavez:
In the Name of Allah..

Dear brothers, sons of the people of Venezuela and the Island of Margarita in particular,

Dear Brother Revolutionary Hero Chavez
First I want to express in the name of your brothers in Libya my appreciation of this honouring was a great honour for me to be granted the Historic order of Bolivar.

This a great honour..we are all faithful to our great history ..faithful to Omar Mukhtar and to Simon Bolivar.

We are peoples of ideals ..we are not materialistic peoples ..we are peoples of values ..that's why we make sacrifices..

The materialistic forces do not have such values, so they make less sacrifices ..
We make sacrifices for freedom ..for dignity ..for honour ..for righteousness and for justice.

They pursue injustice and occupation of others ..they worship materialism ..therefore they do not have values that deserve to make sacrifices for.

I mean the imperialists ..the fascists ..enemies of freedom and enemies of righteousness. [...]
Righteousness is a big theme with Chavez, I'm sure. As you may know, the great brother revolutionary heroes also urged a new definition of terrorism. The VOA article on this declaration took their suggestion to heart immediately:
The United States and Colombia have charged that Mr. Chavez has aided the leftist insurgent group FARC, which has been waging a long civil war against Colombia.

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