Sunday, September 06, 2009

PalToday: "Hamas calls off female lawyers Islamic dress code"

Interesting, no?
Hamas authorities on Sunday called off a decision ordering female lawyers to observe Islamic clothing during their work in Gaza courts.

"The decision regarding ordering female attorneys to wear the headscarf when they appear in courts is rescinded," said Abed al-Raouf al-Halabi, the supreme court chief justice.

Al-Halabi said in a press release that his previous order was "a personal initiative" by himself to ensure that women could be covered up by "wearing the Islamic al-Hijab according to Islamic rules."

Al-Halabi's July decision sparked an outcry from rights group which said that ordering female lawyers to wear a loose robe and cover their heads was a violation of the Palestinian law.

The protests by human rights organizations have also resulted in Hamas education ministry's denial of issuing an order for female students to wear Islamic gown at secondary schools.

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