Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Universe is full of sounds": Ahmadinejad explains music

Remember the Martyr's Symphony? Here we learn about the "Sweet Symphony of Resistance." How do you convey "resistance" in a symphony? Is it sort of like the 1812 Overture with Hatikvah substituting for the French theme? Or do Iranian composers write what they would write anyway and entitle the pieces "resistance" this and "martyrdom" that to please the authorities?
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Monday universe is full of sounds, adding, "Music is art of recreating those sounds in veins of life."

President Ahmadinejad who had attended the closing night of a concert titled the Sweet Symphony of Resistance, conducted by Majid Entezami, added, "Music is the echo of love, life, and perfection that intends to harmonize the scattered sounds in the universe and to create a harmonious wave."
I hear he plays the ukulele.
The President said, "In this symphony the contents of several books were condensed and presented in the span of some 90 minutes, and that reveals the real worth of music."
Which books? Now We Are Six? Selected Works of Kim Jong Il Vol. 2?
Ahmadinejad said that arts are the beautiful faced of cultures and music is one of the best arts, reiterating, "Culture is the connection ring among the souls of human beings and people minus cultures resemble stones, or meaner beings than stones."

The President reiterated, "Just like air that is necessary for the continuation of life, culture, too, is the life giving link between man's soul and body, feeding the soul that is more important than the body."

The President appreciated the entire members of Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra, particularly their conductor Majid Entezami, the orchestra's singers, Mohammad Abdohosseini and Nima Masiha and the harp player of the group that had played with his entire sensations throughout the symphony.

The President reiterated, "All the members of the orchestra intended to convey the message that they are full of hope and expectations on behalf of a resistant nation that is standing tall and will stand bravely till the very end." [...]
All except the bassoon player--he turned out to be a spy for the World Arrogance. The latest Haveil Havalim and KCC also intend to harmonize the scattered sounds in the universe and to create a harmonious wave.

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