Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great Moments in Great Leaderhood

(North) Korean News presents a deeply moving story:
President Kim Il Sung arrived at the then Namchang Railway Station on his way of field guidance one day in August of Juche 62 (1973).

While talking with the officials greeting him, the President suddenly asked them the station name.

An official replied that it was Namchang Railway Station. The President asked again why it was named Namchang, saying that the name of the place was Pukchang.

Another official said that it was called Namchang Railway Station as it was located south of the then Pukchang Thermal Power Plant. After listening to him, the President told that as it was called Namchang, travelers to Pukchang might be confused.

Some days ago, students coming to the plant for study, unable to decide whether they detrained, had gone to the other station and come back to Namchang Railway Station.

Nevertheless, the officials had not thought they would change the name of the station.

Seeing through minds of the officials, the President said that if it was called Namchang Railway Station, the thermal power plant and other industrial establishments there should be named after Namchang. Then he suggested calling the station as Pukchang Railway Station.

The officials were deeply moved to see that the President paid deep attention even to the name of a railway station so as not to give any slightest inconvenience to the people.
Wow, he even paid attention to the name of a train station. No Imperialist so-called leader would do that!

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