Friday, December 05, 2008

Help the Ayatollah find the right word

Provisional Friday Prayers leader of Tehran said here Friday in his second sermon US administrations and power circles are unfortunately under supportive umbrella of Israel, which is highly previous for both.

According to IRNA Political Desk reporter, addressing thousands of Tehrani worshipers at central campus of Tehran University, Ayatollah Emami Kashani focused on recent global developments, adding, "As some analysts advise, regarding the United States we need to wait till the new government would take charge."
He added, "Some observers argue that the American people's vote for Mr. Obama had the message that they are fed up with the policies pursued by Bush and the Republicans and have taken refuge in the camp of the Democrats."

Ayatollah Emami Kashani said, "Electing of a black president was opening a new chapter in the history of America, since from among the black folks that had once no value in the United States there comes the first man of that country, which is the result of the wrong policies pursued by Bush both inside America and around the world." Member of the Leadership Experts Assembly posed the question whether the turning of this chapter in the political history of the United States would also lead to turning a new chapter in the mentality and spirit of America, or not, reiterating, "In order to find the correct answer to that question we need to wait and see." Addressing the majority of Americans who have with their votes ended the rule of the Republicans, Emami Kashani said, "You should demand your new government to abandon pursing the previous policies." This week's Friday preacher of Tehran added, "According to news dispatches, a group of US elites have sent a letter to President Elect Obama, asking him to heed certain points, including trying to create balance in the Middle East and to accept the fact that the only main player in the region is Iran."

He said, "The US administration has to believe that Iran is great and that it is necessary to end the outdated policies of threatening and trying to intimidate us."
Emami Kashani expressed hope that the American people would alertly wear off the ominous shadow that is spread over their skies and domineering over the decision making of the US policy makers so that the United States would not be humiliated more than it already has been in the world.

Member of the Expediency Council then focused on Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear program and the IAEA reports on it, reiterating, "The world has come up with the conclusion that Iran is not after taking military advantage of its nuclear program and the point was mentioned in agency's 14th report, stressing that no deviation has been traced to date in Iran's activities."

"Keeping that and the foreign developments in mind, how should we act inside our own country", asked Ayatollah Kashani, adding, "We need to remain alert and this alertness, national unity, and leadership of the Supreme Leader are signs of the divine leadership of the 12th Imam, may God hasten his reappearance, and I hope such blessings would remain intact till his reappearance and the establishment of a blessed global government."

Addressing the world and the Western countries, Ayatollah Emami Kashani reiterated, "The unity existing here is very grand and you should not feel glad observing differences of opinion."

Referring to the recent gathering at the Islamic Parliament, Majlis, on the 30th anniversary of its establishment, he said, "People with various tendencies were present at that gathering, and they were all united, with a single voice, which should have a message for the world."

He added, "All the parties, groups and tendencies have their personal preferences and internal approaches, but when the system's interests and the final goal is in question, they realize they are all in the same boat, and that is very valuable, so the world had better realize that such tools as sanctions, threats, and intimidation are totally outdated today."
Update: Bloggers alertly wear off the ominous shadow that is spread over their skies in two recent blog carnivals: Haveil Havalim and Shiny happy dhimmi.

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