Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mehr News: "Obama policy will be based on phantom threats"

Mehr is one of the many Iranian pro-government news agencies. What might those "phantom threats" be? A nuclear Iran?
U.S. President-elect Barak Obama’s policies will be formulated based on a series of elaborate phantom threats, Lebanese sociologist and university professor Talal Etrisi said on Tuesday.

Etrisi told the Mehr News Agency that Obama won’t make more than symbolic departures from George W. Bush’s policies.

Obama, as a representative of the United States’ Black minority and poor people in general, has appeared on the political scene to address their problems, he added.

"The image of the United States presented to the world by George W. Bush is arguably a very belligerent image," but Obama has appeared on the scene to improve his country’s image, he opined.

The U.S. image has been tarnished throughout the world because some officials have used the name of the American people to advance their own goals, the Lebanese sociologist explained.

Thus, U.S. citizens should take steps to prevent another war, he added.

There is no doubt that Obama staunchly believes in the ideals of poor African-Americans, but the president does not really have power in the U.S. since some institutions, organizations, secret societies, and more importantly the Zionist lobby, are the main decision makers, and thus to what extent the new president can revise policies remains to be seen, he noted.

"We have recently heard that the new U.S. president intends to hasten the process of the Zionist troop withdrawal from the Palestinian occupied territories, but we believe that the main problem in regard to Palestine will remain."

And whether the Zionist regime will implement United Nations Resolution 149, allow the Palestinian refugees to return to their home land, and agree to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Beit-ul-Moqaddas (Jerusalem) as its capital is still unclear, he said. [...]

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