Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ain't Understanding Mellow: MPAC-UK and Yousef al-Khattab make up

You may have heard of the group Revolution Muslim, on whose website the now-famous threat to the producers of South Park appeared. MPAC-UK tore the lid off this group recently with a post entitled "Exposed: Israeli was behind Muslim 'extremist group.'" The "Israeli" turned out to be the "Jews-for-Allah" guy: Joseph Cohen/Yousef al-Khattab. It seems now that he has written to MPAC-UK to declare his true Muslim sympathies and credentials and his disassociation from Revolution Muslim. MPAC has responded with an apology:
We hope brother Yousef can understand that the author was simply doing their job in ensuring that Zionists, who are well known for infiltration of groups, are exposed at every opportunity. Thus the MPACUK writer acted with sincerity for the cause of defending Islam. Muslims must be vigilant in this time of oppression and attack, simply acting like 'pious' fools will not help anyone. Although this time the author was mistaken, the intention was correct - and we stand by it. We do not accept the criticism from some quarters, who have never lifted a finger in defending the Ummah but crow like old women when we sometimes make mistakes. How can a soldier who defends the oppressed take seriously the lazy, loud mouthed, bearded man who talks about Islam but never defends it. [...]

Having said that, in trying to defend the Ummah, it seems an innocent has been mistakenly blamed. The intention was correct, but the research conducted by a part time volunteer led to this mistake. Many of the MPACUK team were distressed when we felt we had hurt a fellow brother and instantly wrote to Yousef to find his side of the story, which we hope proves we had no personal malice towards him. Our sole intention ever is to defend the Ummah, nothing less. The MPACUK team were very glad when we heard back from him, and instantly agreed he deserves an apology. [...]
So Zionist infiltrators may be everywhere, but brotherhood prevails in at least one little corner of the Ummah.

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