Friday, April 09, 2010

It's Nuke Fest Time!

I haven't done an Iran round-up for a while, but not much has changed. They are into events in the IRI:
National Nuclear Festival has just started at Tehran's Milad Tower on Friday.

Key state and military personalities, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are present at the ceremony.

Among the guests are Head of the Atomic Energy rganization of Iran (AEOI) Ali-Akbar Salehi, members of the cabinet, the Guardian Council and the Parliament as well as a number of foreign diplomats and ambassadors.

The festival began with playing of national anthem and recitation of verses from holy Quran.

The president is said to give a good nuclear news in the ceremony. [...]
They are making progress on the nuke front, as that festival suggests. According to an AP story, "Iran unveiled a third generation of domestically built centrifuges . . . capable of much faster enrichment than those now being used . . ." According to a Tehran Times headline, "Iran has produced several kilos of 20% enriched nuclear fuel":
Iran has produced several kilos of uranium enriched to a purity of 20 percent to power its medical research reactor, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) director announced on Wednesday.

However, Ali Akbar Salehi declined to state how many kilos have been produced.

Speaking to reporters, he said good news on how the country will produce fuel for the research reactor will be announced in the next few months. [...]
And what would an Iran round-up be without a touch of totalitarian boasting and bluster? A Press TV headline declares that Iran is the "world's most powerful country":
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran is the "world's most powerful country in the international arena."

Speaking on Thursday in a gathering of the "elites" of East Azerbaijan province in northwest Iran, Ahmadinejad said that current conditions — both domestically and internationally — are the best in conditions throughout the country's history, reported ILNA.

"The national solidarity that is prevalent today is unprecedented in the history of Iran," he said. "Many try to muddy the waters with false news, but the understanding of the nation is at its peak and all divisions have been eliminated." [...]
Do they have centrifuges for that, too? Obama better get his own centrifuges going. We need World Arrogance plots at 95 percent.

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