Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Further Adventures of George Galloway

The folks at Harry's Place remind us that Galloway appears as a "patron" of the Palestine Telegraph site. British ex-MP Jenny Tonge had her patron listing removed, evidently, after the site featured a David Duke video. Galloway's still there. Meanwhile, anti-voting Muslims have mounted another attack on Galloway's Respect Party:
THE RESPECT party's Bethnal Green headquarters have been defaced with stickers telling people not to vote.

Labels have been stuck over photos of the faces of Respect's parliamentary candidates George Galloway and Abjol Miah in the window of the office in Club Row.

Mr Galloway believes the offices have been targeted by extremists who want to intimidate Muslims so they do not vote.

He said: "It's an attempt to intimidate people out of the democratic process and it's extremely dangerous. If it's not a criminal offence to try and stop people voting in a democracy then it should be.

"My message to Muslims is that voting far from being forbidden is a duty and whoever people vote for they should vote.["]
I didn't know that Galloway was qualified to issue rulings on Muslim law.

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