Monday, September 19, 2011

PressTV (Iran): "capitalism is on its death bed and will soon experience complete demise"

The parade of Iranian officials in these articles seems to feature generals more frequently these days--and they are more frequently making pronouncements on non-military topics. They used to appear mainly in the "our army is invincible" type of article. Iran is getting more oppressive:
Commander of Iran's Basij Forces Brigadier General Mohammad-Reza Naqdi says capitalism is on its death bed and will soon experience complete demise.

The Iranian official said that the reason the global arrogance is experiencing its decline is that “it revolted against its fundamental values and it is only natural that under these circumstances it will have no fate but extinction.”

“Human rights, democracy and freedom were some of the fundamental values of the West, of which nothing remains today due to the Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib scandals as well as the US coups against the elected [leaders] of nations,” Fars News Agency quoted Naqdi as saying on Monday.

He added that while economic and financial gain which are the core of liberalist values, for the past three years the US and other European countries have not been able to do anything about their negative economic growth.

“The US President [Barrack Obama] has lost face to the extent that he is forced to covertly travel to various places for fear of public protests,” the Iranian commander added.

“All the tools used by the arrogant to suppress nations are being used against it (the global arrogance) today… to the point that it has been forced to block social networking … website,” Naqdi concluded.
That's a reference to the recent riots in Great Britain, but I don't think anyone is planning to move to Iran any time soon for the internet freedom.

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