Saturday, September 10, 2011

SANA: "Arab Personalities, Political Analysts: Calls for International Protection of the Syrian People Come from Canadian Zionist Organization"

Canada is at the center of the Zionist Power Configuration:
Samih Khreis, Secretary-General of the Arab Bar Association, said calls for international protection of the Syrian people are deemed null by the international law, the UN Charter and all international agreements.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV on Friday, Khreis said the UN Charter clearly states that foreign interference in the affairs of any UN member country is illegitimate.

He added that the arguments on protecting civilians disregard Sykes-Picot agreement, Balfour Declaration, the horrendous crimes in Iraq and the Israeli violations in Palestine, pointing out that the endorsement of such move by some Arab states amounts to a massive crime, since it paves the way for establishing hegemony over the nation.

Political Analyst Rifaat al-Sayyed Ahmad said the so-called ''International Protection Friday'' is an affront to anyone calling for reform or change, stressing that Syria's history proves that such call undermines any genuine call for reform.

"Genuine reform cannot be built on the ruins of the homeland, but is attainable through its unity and concord among its people," al-Sayyed Ahmad said.

He urged the Syrian national opposition to steer away from such calls, indicating that real change does not come with the West's warships and tanks.

Said Doudin, Director of One World Institute for Research and Media, said the calls for international protection were manufactured by a group from the Canadian-Zionist Organization, pointing out that the stifling crisis in the US pushed it to wage a war since 2001 to impose the a new world order.

Doudin said the opposition normally seeks to come up with visions for a better future, but those who are dreaming of desecrating Damascus by hoisting the Zionist flag are aware of their size, that's why they reject dialogue and real engagement in political life.

He added that obstructing reform is a depletion of Syria and exposing it to an aggressive war in preparation for an all-out war against Lebanon and Syria to impose the so-called "Great Middle East."
We're not that ambitious. The "Pretty Good Middle East" would be just fine. (h/t: IMRA)

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