Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Angry Arab: "There is no such thing as severely disrupted"

The mind boggles at this assertion. A minor disruption could involve, say, a traffic jam. A severe disruption could involve, let's say, rocket attacks. How did AA get an academic job?
So no one was killed or injured but the New York Times had to make Israelis victims no matter what: "Schools in southern Israel were closed, and the daily routine of hundreds of thousands of Israelis was severely disrupted." Oh, the routines were severely disrupted? Do we have to feel sorry for the occupiers? And what is the difference between disrupted and severely disrupted? They are either disrupted or not disrupted. There is no such thing as severely disrupted. If the "daily routine" of Israelis were disrupted, the lives of Palestinians are being disrupted by Israeli terrorists every week. But you are too racist to notice.
It's "racist" to show sympathy for the targets of the rockets rather than the ones firing them? What would that particular bigotry be called? Qassam-o-phobia?

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