Sunday, November 20, 2011

(North) Korea News: "Kim Jong Il Enjoys Art Performance Given by Art Squad of KPA Unit Command"

Is all the current news depressing? Well, here's something uplifting, with "great cognitional and educational significance":
Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, enjoyed a performance given by the art squad of the Command of KPA Unit 6556.

Its repertoire included narrative poem and chorus "Nostalgia" and female solo and pangchang "Glory to Our Great Party", male solo "The Country I Am Defending", male chorus "We Are Protecting the Safety of the General", poem and story-telling and song "Trust and Comrade", mixed chorus "Push Back Frontiers of Latest Science and Technology" and chorus poem and chorus "We Will Devotedly Defend the General for All Ages".
How does that work in the past?
The performers strikingly demonstrated that no force on earth can stem the dynamic trend of the great Songun journey in the DPRK as the party, a guiding force, is confidently leading the revolutionary cause of Juche which started on Mt. Paektu, the Supreme Commander and the army are united as firm as a rock and the whole party and army and all the people are dynamically advancing along the chosen path with one and the same objective and breath.
Not everybody gets the same food rations, of course, but what does that matter when you're dynamically advancing?
As the performance was over, Kim Jong Il warmly acknowledged the enthusiastic cheers of the performers, their eyes chocked with tears of emotion.

Expressing great satisfaction over the fact that the members of the art squad of the unit staged a splendid performance with numbers of great cognitional and educational significance as they truthfully reflected the noble spiritual world of the KPA, he highly praised them for their successful performance and extended thanks to them.
I bet he says that to all the revolutionary art squads.
The members of the art squad not only sang well but wrote good poems, in particular, he said, appreciating the efforts made by the creators to produce successful works while breathing the same breath with soldiers in line with the spirit of the era.

The performance given by the art squad today proved that the combination of arms and music represents the unity of idea and emotion, revolution and man and struggle and life and the Songun cause of the DPRK has, therefore, become a cause of the great and beautiful people, he noted.
Why don't imperialist leaders say beautiful things like that?
He expressed expectation and belief that the members of the art squad of the unit would energetically conduct revolutionary and militant performing activities and thus positively help the soldiers perform admirable military feats in defending the socialist country. [...]
The article concludes with a list of other party officials who were present at the great event (in case if you were wondering whether I omitted any dynamic Songun blather.)

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