Wednesday, November 09, 2011

IRNA (Iran): "MP: Forged regime of Israel too wretched to threaten Iran"

Iranian rhetoric gets shriller:
A member of IRI Parliament board of directors referring to forged racist Zionist regime on invading Iran’s nuclear facilities, said here Wednesday that regime is too weak, too wretched, to threaten a great and civilization builder nation like Iran.

MP: Forged regime of Israel too wretched to threaten Iran
According to the IRNA correspondent in Iran’s southern Bandar Abbas port city, Mohammad Ashouri who was speaking with IRNA in an exclusive interview further reiterated, “That fragile regime suffered the humiliation of defeat in confrontation with the spiritual offspring of the Iranian nation in the course of the 33-Day War, whose aftermaths can still be seen in massive demonstrations of the Jews in various cities.”

Member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Islamic Majlis reiterated, “That they would intend to invade Iran is more like a dream and hallucination, because if they would even make the slightest mistake, that would mark the end of their existence.”

Representative of Bandar Abbas, Qeshm, Khamir, and Abu-Moussa at the Parliament said that Iran’s greatest weapon is its enthusiastic and united men and women embodies in the Iranian nation, arguing, “So long as we rely on our nation’s unity and belief in Almighty God, no power in the world is capable of threatening the gallant Iranian nation.”

Elsewhere in the interview he referred to the immense stockpiling of the nuclear weapons in those countries which claim to be peace loving in the world, reiterating, “The Zionist regime is not only not a member of the atomic agency, but has not even once permitted the agency’s inspectors to survey its nuclear facilities, and had furthermore, many times resisted against the demands of many nations for supervision of the agency over its nuclear activities.”

Ashouri emphasized, “The managing director of the agency does not dare to say even one sentence in condemnation of that regime.”

He added, “The agency’s recent report made everyone at the international scene lose the remainder of trust they had in the IAEA, and unfortunately it was the behavior of the agency’s managing director that caused that mistrust.”

Member of the Iranian parliament’s board of directors said that the recent report of the UN nuclear watchdog is the west’s seeking of a pretext for launching a new wave of accusations and sanctions against Iran.

Referring to the recent visit of the IAEA managing director of the United States and his meetings with the US officials right before finalizing his report on Iran, he emphasized, “This report has been prepared beyond doubt aimed at pleasing the demands of the White House officials cent per cent.”

The Iranian MP ended his remarks arguing, “Threatening the Iranian nation, which has regained its new identity in the course of resistance, perseverance and selflessness is sheer stupidity, which the White House officials insist on repeating such stupidity anew once again.”

The dispatches have in recent weeks been carrying an overwhelming volume of reports indicating that the warmonger racist Zionist leaders have been making preparations for “limited attacks” against nuclear targets in Iran, notably Iran’s Parchin nuclear facilities.

But as this top Iranian MP has noted such propagations are more like wishful thinking for the poor Zionists, as Israel is both too vulnerable, and too little in comparison with great Iran to dare make a first slight mistake in this regard, which would as Mr. Ashouri has mentioned be also its last mistake.

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