Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fars News: "World Soon Gets Rid of Zionism"

More variations on a theme. Notice that this one ends with the "chief rabbis from different world countries" lie.
A Swiss researcher said the world is gradually getting informed of a big lie called the Holocaust and the German-language people and all other nations will be set free from the yoke of Zionism in the near future.

Addressing Tehran International Conference on 'The Holocaust Global Vision' here on Tuesday, he said, "Western media today are not honest and have created a kind of atmosphere under which the Holocaust has turned into our main concern in social life."

"And it is a great shame that when a scholar raises questions about the Holocaust, he or she becomes a target for spiritual and physical attacks," he continued.

The Swiss scholar reminded that the western media consider the books, articles and researches conducted by the Holocaust revisionists as unscientific works.

He said that the West opposes conducting of any research on the Holocaust because if it is proved that there has been no Jewish Holocaust, then common sense rules for finding the underlying reasons and the liars.

"Such a case would certainly create a scandal for both the West and the Zionists," he continued.

He also reminded that the negative aftermaths of the Holocaust are not restricted to the Palestinians, and added, "Rather, the entire Europe and the Christian community have been the victims of a Jewish minority, because whenever someone intends to criticize Zionism, he or she is said to be against freedom."

Describing Zionism as a catalogue of sins, the Swiss researcher said that Zionists have based their empire on a big lie, and continued, "And that's why they feel very intimidated today, because they can see truth is emerging gradually."

They fear that the entire European community which is now obedient to them, finds out about the untruthful nature of the Zionists' empire and thus, force them into isolation.

He assured that all the German-language speaking countries will soon realize the bias of the Holocaust and the entire world will then get rid of Zionism and its oppressions.

To conclude his words, the Swiss scholar described Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a God given gift, who has come to help to the destruction of the myth of the Holocaust.

The international conference dubbed 'The Holocaust, Global Vision' kicked off work here on Monday in an attempt to examine the issue in the presence of the pros and cons and in an unrestricted atmosphere.

The two-day conference organized by the Foreign Ministry's Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) has drawn 67 foreign researchers from 30 world countries.

'The Holocaust, Modern Outlooks', 'The Holocaust, Statistical Figures and Realities', 'The Holocaust, Historical Documents', 'Nazism, The Holocaust and Zionism', 'The Holocaust, Effects and Consequences' and 'The Holocaust, Global Vision' comprise the main topics to be discussed by participants in 6 consequent sessions with full respect for Judaism and away from any kind of political tendency or propaganda.

The conference is also attended by chief rabbis from different world countries, including the US.

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