Saturday, December 23, 2006

Linkim Motza'ei Shabbos 12/23/06

Haveil Havalim 99 is up!

Jewish News of Northern California: "S.F. leaders teach Israelis to promote pluralism"

Elder of Ziyon: "The Khaleej Times on freedom of expression"

Bagel Blogger: "Kim Jong Il Hailed as Great Strategist by two other great examples of 'Stately Hood'"

Fars News: "Muslim Scholars Capable of Standing Up to Bullying Powers"

Washington Post: "'Nyet' on Iran"*

"Michael Costello: No merit in a delusional approach to the Middle East"*

LGF Watch discovers the Miriam Shear incident.

Arutz Sheva: "U.S. Pollster Blames the Jewish State for Bethlehem's Ills"

LA Times: "Aiding and abetting the Taliban?"

MOT News: "Freed Holocaust Denier Retracts Remorse"

MENL: "U.S. Blocks Arms, Technology To Israel"

*(h/t: RCP)

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