Friday, December 15, 2006

IRIB: "World holocaust office set up"

It seems that the Iranian Holocaust conference ultimately failed to determine whether the Holocaust occurred or not, but that they are still hopeful that if they press on with iron determination they might yet catch a glimpse of the light of truth:
Participants of the international conference on holocaust titled 'Holocaust: A Global Perspective' (December 11-12) agreed to establish a world foundation for holocaust studies and unanimously appointed Mohammad-Ali Ramin as its secretary general.

Ramin said on Thursday that one of the plans of the foundation is to assign a committee to find out the truth about holocaust.

"The participants of the conference representing 30 countries also selected five individuals as members of the central council of this foundation to assist the secretary general in executive affairs," added Ramin.

He noted that the main office of the world foundation for holocaust studies will be in Tehran.

"The office will eventually be transferred to Berlin, once proper grounds are prepared," he added.

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