Sunday, December 24, 2006

IRIB: "Resistance only way for Palestinians"

Draw all the obvious lessons. The English is somewhat worse than usual, but this is yet another demonstration that the Palestinian position has hardened since the Oslo days. That means that the chances for a negotiated peace have gone from virtually nonexistent to resoundingly nonexistent.
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Secretary General described resistance as the only option before the Palestinian people, adding the current sufferings of the Palestinians are masterminded by America in a coup against the popular election.

Ramadan Abdallah Shalah told al-Jazeera that Americans are seeking to force Palestinians to abandon resistance by disturbing situation among Palestinian groups.

"The Palestinian issue is an Islamic issue. We defend also the Islamic ummah besides the Palestinian nation," he added.

Abdallah noted that the Palestinians are deprived a clear political system and still fighting to achieve their national liberty.

"The current regime have been adopted from Oslo agreement and the ongoing conflict (in Palestine) is underpinned by a hollow matter," he cautioned.

Abdallah noted that the current conflict is not between Fath and Hamas. "There are Fatah-linked agents, actually failing to represent the movement, and they are seeking to determine the Palestinian fate as America and 'Israel' wish."

Asked why Abu Mazen is ready to meet Ehud Olmert but refuses to meet Palestinian Premier Ismail Haniya, he said: "It is shameful that a Palestinian hugs enemy but refuses to hold talks with the brother or scions of his nation."

"Hamas stood vote following the principle of "choose the worse from the worst".

They announced they'd rather change the rules of game," Islamic Jihad senior official said.

Concerning America's failure in its regional plans, Abdallah affirmed that Americans have found themselves incapable in the face of the Iraqi resistance.

He then raised the Israeli defeat at the hand of the Lebanese Hezbollah Fighters months ago and the recent defeat of American Republicans in Congressional and Senate votes.

"They (Republicans) want to escape the scarlet of defeat in Lebanon and Iraq through a series of actions in Palestine," he noted.

"They realize that Palestine is not an easy bite. The Palestinian Resistance and the missiles they initially derided managed to force Israel out of the Gaza Strip," Ramadan Abdallah Shalah said, adding, "'Israelis' are now grappled with a big military crisis."

"Islamic Jihad will do its best to prevent any sedition," Abdallah vowed.
IRIB is also carrying a statement from Hamas today: "No truce offer to Zionist regime."

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