Saturday, December 30, 2006

IRNA: "'Avoid engagement with Iranians,' Saddam's last words"

One of the weirder takes on Saddam's last moments:
"Avoid engagement with Iranians," it was Saddam's last words while being put to death on Saturday morning.

It was a lesson Saddam learned during his invasion of Iran in 1980 expecting an immediate victory. He had thought that the revolutionary leadership in Iran which had dissolved the Army inherited from the deposed Shah would not stand the US-backed invasion of Iran.

With repulsing Iraqi Army invasion and liberating Khorramshahr, Saddam understood that what a wrong dream he had dreamt and Washington had provided him with false feed-back to encourage him to go to war with Iran.

He afterwards committed another crime with invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Saddam admitted so far that his invasion of Kuwait was a cover-up to his defeat from Iran.

"Iranians were brave enough to defend their own country," Saddam said in 1990s.

Saddam was right in his last words before being hanged, Iranians have a spirit to stand to dictators. Saddam took with him a bitter experience of defeat from Iranians to the hell.

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