Thursday, December 21, 2006

IRIB: "Israel murdered Pierre Jumayel"

Israel, as we all know, has a great interest in eliminating prominent anti-Syrian Lebanese politicians:
A Zionist regime's aeroplane landed in Beirut's airport and stopped there for about seven hours on the same day that former Lebanese industry minister, Pierre Jumayel was assassinated, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance Movement, Hezbollah's official tv, Al Minar reported on Wednesday.

Al Minar tv said that after the Zionists' airplane landed on a direct flight from Tel Aviv, ten out of the eleven on board left the plane.

Al Minar named the type of plane as Falcon Alphafox and said the plane left Beirut to an unknown destination seven hours after landing.

Its against the Lebanese rule that an airplane which flies from the 1948 Palestinian occupied lands directly in Lebanon, so the official investigations should be undertaken into the issue, Al Minar urged.

Four American experts work on the second floor of Beirut airport, while their mission isn't clear, Al Minar said adding that they are paid 120,000 dollars per month.
And that's exactly the going rate for assassinating anti-Syrian politicians!
Former Lebanese industry minister, Pierre Jumayel was assassinated by unknown armed men on November 21, 2006.
Anyone out there who thinks that Israel did it to make Syria look bad is not thinking conspiratorially enough. Obviously Syria (or one of its allies) did it so that Israel would be blamed for doing it so that Syria would be blamed.

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