Monday, December 11, 2006

IRNA: "Hitler of Germany also killed millions of non-Jews, conference says"

The conference is now underway and of course the Neturei Karta are there:
Hitler of Germany also killed millions of non-Jews in addition to the Jews who fell victims to German leader's war, a poster on show at Holocaust Conference in Tehran said.

Other posters are challenging whether smoke ever rose from chimneys at Auschwitz.

Another poster make mockery of a film called 'Schindler's List' putting emphasis on deaths of Jews at the expense of ignoring war victims who were not Jews.

Some Jews taking part in the conference marched through the corridors sporting a flag of Israel with a big red line through it on their long black coats and the slogan "We are Jews, not Zionists" in Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.

"The reason we came here is to reveal to the world the misuse of the Holocaust by the Zionists," said one of their number, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, who does not dispute the Holocaust itself.

"Minds are being switched off to the Holocaust dogma as it is being sold as a historical fact and yet we are not able to question it. This is a mental rape," said Frederick Toeben, historian from Australian.

"It is my duty to be here, if we cannot speak freely it is a crime against humanity," said Toeben, who has served a prison sentence in his native Germany.

The conference emerges to say that the international community is expected to consider Hitler's crimes against humanity entirely rather than promote the 'myths' of the Holocaust, a clear discrimination against non-Jews.

Toeben brought along a huge model of the Treblinka extermination camp, complete with model trains and human figures which he said he would use to argue his claim that the gas chambers did not exist.
More in the same vein from IRNA: "Iran has no intention to deny, confirm Holocaust, says FM."

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