Monday, December 25, 2006

Iran is especially unhappy with the Big Satan at the moment

Two items from IRIB Radio:

"US Occupation Troops Kidnap 2 Iranians"
Iraqi president advisor has deplored the arrest of two Iranian officials visiting Iraq at the invitation of Iraqi president, Jalal Talebani, for helping restore security to the violence-hit American-occupied country.

Haiwa Osman, media advisor to Talebani said: The Iraqi president is very unhappy about this misconduct of the US occupation forces.

US occupation forces after kidnapping the two Iranians are holding them at an unknown location.

Iran has strongly protested to the Swiss embassy in Tehran, which hosts the American interest section in the Islamic Republic in the absence of diplomatic relations. It has called for their immediate release and warned of the consequences of such US lawlessness.
"UN Security Council, A US Tool"
Iran's UN envoy Mohammad Javad Zarif Saturday revealed the secret process of the drawing up of the controversial Security Council resolution against Iran.

He said the UN has issued a resolution against an NPT member while the illegal Zionist entity, which refuses to sign the NPT and does not permit IAEA inspection of its atomic sites, recently admitted having nuclear weapons.
Iran has allowed IAEA inspectors full access to its nuclear installations that led to several IAEA reports indicating Iran's nuclear program has not deviated in any way.

This unjust measure indicates that the EU trio of France, Germany and Britain did not even study the proposals presented by Iran, because right from the outset they intended to use the United Nations Security Council as a tool to impose sanctions on Iran to try to prevent it from the peaceful use of nuclear technology.
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