Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Scientific Elucidation to Human Life"--the post that will change your life forever

I hear that if you go without food for about three days, this stuff begins to seem really deep. From (North) Korean News:
The Juche idea gave a new exposition to the issue related to human life for the first time in history. The issue of view and attitude of life is the very one related to the outlook on life, the issue of human living, which constitutes an important component of the philosophical outlook on the world.

Kim Jong Il, basing himself on the principle that man is a social being with independence, creativity and consciousness and socio-political integrity is most precious for man, expounded in a scientific way that a true life lies in the worthy struggle for independent and creative life.

To devotedly strive for the society and the collective is one of the main contents of the true life clarified by Kim Jong Il.

People have formed a collective and shaped their destiny by the method of unity and cooperation since olden times.

The worthy and happy life is the life based only on the collective principle, which can be created and enjoyed in the devoted endeavors for the society and the collective.

It is also the life run through with warm love for, trust in and obligation toward human being.

Only the social being who conducts creative activities for independence can show a true love for the people and enjoy love from others.

The human love serves as a driving power of the struggle for independence of popular masses and as a solid bond for the unity and collaboration of the people and as the foundation of collectivism and patriotism.

The scientific formulation of the essence of the human life provides a powerful ideological and theoretical weapon for thoroughly overcoming all sorts of reactionary view of life as well as the starting foundation for the revolutionary view of life.
No go out there and do the Songun thing!

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