Thursday, December 28, 2006

"Where the scenery's attractive, and the air is radioactive"

Any Tom Lehrer fans out there? This item from MENL is entitled "Iran Has 1,400 Uranium Mines":
Iran has reported 1,400 uranium mines in the country.

The Iranian Atomic Energy Organization said 1,400 mines were available for the extraction of uranium. The organization said the mines were located in central Iran and would be used for the nation's uranium enrichment program.

"The mines are scattered in one-third of Iranian territory particularly in the central areas of Saghand, south of Bandar Abbas, Khashouri, Narigan and Zarigan," IAEO deputy director Hossein Faqihian said.

In a Dec. 18 nuclear technology conference in Mashhad, Faqihian said Iran has been developing only a tiny portion of the mines. He said the uranium would be converted into yellowcake for eventual production of fuel for nuclear reactors.
Iran's press is also focused on nukes. Fars News has one of its usual stories asserting that Iran's nukes are non-threatening while IRNA declares "UNSC resolution will have no impact on Iran nuclear program."

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