Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tehran Times: "London steps up psywar against Iran"

The dastardly World Arrogance is at it again. What exactly does this "psywar" consist of?
Concurrent with endeavors to ratify a resolution against Iran at the UN Security Council, Western countries are also conducting a psychological war against the Islamic Republic.

On the threshold of his visit to the Middle East and as the recent holocaust conference was underway in Tehran, British Prime Minister Tony Blair called Iran a major strategic threat for regional countries.

“Iran is deliberately causing maximum problems for moderate governments and for ourselves in the region -- in Palestine, in Lebanon and in Iraq," he told reporters at his monthly media briefing on December 12.
Surely that wasn't an example of the "psywar"--it was merely a critical statement. The examples must be yet to come.
The British government has always been the standard-bearer for the enforcement of U.S. policies toward Iran.

Britain, France, and Germany recently submitted a draft resolution to the UN Security Council calling for sanctions prohibiting the transfer of nuclear technology to Iran.

It seems that the British government intends to intensify psychological operations against Iran, a strategy Western countries always resort to when they feel they are at an impasse.

Psyops have become an increasingly important tool in the political, military, economic, communications, and public relations spheres for the United States, Britain, and other Western countries.

Psyops are meant to break the spirit of rivals in order to bring about a change in their policies and approaches.

Western countries have resorted to this strategy against Iran because they feel they have no other political cards to play.

In psychological warfare, propaganda and disinformation is disseminated to influence the opinions, ideas, emotions, tendencies, and behavior of opponents, allies, and neutral countries to realize certain objectives.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is opposed to the unilateral and authoritarian policies that Western countries are implementing in the Middle East.

Thus, in some ways, it can be viewed as a defeat for Western countries if they call for direct talks with Tehran.

Therefore, certain Western countries have decided to weaken Iran’s position in the region through psychological warfare.

Western officials are making statements against Iran in order to realize their objectives in complete coordination with their long-term strategy of preventing Iran from becoming an influential country in the near future.
Aha! "Statements"! Those are the psyops!
This strategy of psychological war has been chosen since a military war against Iran is not feasible due to the serious repercussions that would follow.

Since neither direct talks nor a military attack are possible, Washington and London have decided to pressure Iran through psyops and sanctions to force Tehran to call for cooperation with the West in efforts to seek solutions to the crises in the Middle East.
Tony Blair: secret weapon of the World Arrogance.

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