Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Angry Arab and hypothetical double-standards

The post is entitled "Sexual harassment in Israel," and what we find about "sexual harassment in Israel" is that there was a case of it. Most of this is a quote of a Ynet article:
"A senior IDF officer in the Military Police Corps is being charged with an indecent act and seven counts of sexual harassment, Ynet learned. Lieutenant-Colonel Oren Julian, commander of the Military Police's training base and former Prison 4 commander, has been dismissed and will soon face trial." If he was Arab, American liberal feminists would be marching and calling for ban on visits by Arab generals to US.
AA does this constantly, always beginning "if Muslims had done this" or "if this was about Arabs." Is he kidding? Let us imagine an Arab officer in trouble and facing trial for several acts of sexual harassment, many of which involve improper comments. Someone, somewhere is going to take notice beyond the local news audience wherever he lives? Are you kidding, As'ad?

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