Sunday, June 05, 2011

ISNA (Iran): "Ahmadinejad stresses confronting US hegemony, Zionist regime entity"

Ahmadinejad performs a medley of his greatest hits:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said confronting the US hegemony and Zionist regime's entity is the major line which should be followed in battling the West's hegemony.

"We want to show the entire world that we defend the oppressed and battle all powers with our utmost capability. We never change our thoughts and beliefs. We need to conquer the US. We should not be yielded to injustice in the region," Ahmadinejad said on Friday night as speaking on the verge of the 22nd demise anniversary of the late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini.

Ahmadinejad said all dictators are supported by the devil (the US), "today, domineering countries with the motto of democracy and support for human rights are accusing other countries of violating human rights whereas their states are fully run under dictatorship."

Ahmadinejad added that, "Arrogance now is in the last chain of its existence and has faced a deadlock. Global Arrogance sent troops to the region to save its economy and Zionist regime. It claimed lives of numerous people and refused to permit anyone to know about 9/11 incident as it did not allow probing into Holocaust."

"The Capitalist formally declared that it seeks intentions for Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, but they were defeated one again though wisdom of Iranian Supreme Leader and resistance of Iranian nation," he noted.

Ahmadinejad then referred to the issue of Zionist regime and said, "the Middle East will not experience peace and calm as far as the fake regime (Zionist regime) remains in Palestinian soil."

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