Monday, June 06, 2011

Troutman's resolve no longer intact, Foreskin Man casts a long shadow?

The story doesn't specifically say that the Foreskin Man comic influenced Troutman's decision, but it seems an obvious inference:
The proponent of a proposition aimed at banning circumcision in Santa Monica has informed the Jewish Journal that she is abandoning her effort to put the question to voters in the beachfront city before beginning to collect any signatures.

Jena Troutman, a lactation consultant and self-described “children’s rights advocate,” said Monday afternoon that she has decided not to move forward with the petition because of what she called the media’s misrepresentation of her efforts as an attack on religious freedom. [...]

Troutman said she was specifically distancing herself from the legal language used in both cities’ ballot measures and composed by the group, a San Diego-based organization led by Matthew Hess.

Hess recently gained notoriety when media outlets began reporting about a comic book he wrote called “Foreskin Man,” which was criticized by the Anti-Defamation League and other Jewish groups as anti-Semitic. [...]
And which teaches the important lesson that fools always commit auto-pedal-extremity-amputation in the end and no ballot-measures mandating intact anything will ever save them.

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