Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fars News: "Ahmadinejad: Future World Culture Belongs to Iranian Nation"

This one is about Iran's "dominance" and "superiority" in "any kind of cultural war." All of this seems to have something to do with handicrafts. Persian rugs?
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blasted the capitalist powers for their attempts to destroy other countries' cultural values, and underlined that freedom-seeking nations, specially the Iranians, will have the main share in global culture in future.

"The future cultural arena of the world belongs to freedom-seeking nations, with the Iranian nation standing atop others," Ahmadinejad said, addressing a forum to honor Iran's best handicraft artists on Saturday.
Other "freedom-seeking countries" include North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, and Zimbabwe.
He described the handicraft industries as a means of exchanging cultural values, and said, "If we want to reform the international relations, we should reform cultures."

Earlier, senior Iranian officials had announced their plans to boost the country's cultural exports in a move to introduce the Persian culture and civilization to the outside world, specially the nations of the region.

To the same end, the Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Seyed Mohammad Hosseini said in April that his ministry would soon set up a permanent exhibition of books and cultural products in Tajikistan.

Also, a senior Iranian commander in January expressed confidence about Iran's dominance and superiority over the enemies in any kind of cultural war.

Addressing a group of cultural activists in Iran's Western city of Kermanshah, Commander of Basij (volunteer) Forces Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi said that enemies resorted to cultural invasion after they faced consecutive defeats and failures in their plots against the Islamic Republic in the post-revolution era.

He pointed to Iran's ancient civilization, and said, "Of course, their tendency towards cultural war and invasion is a privilege for us since they have the upper-hand in hard wars but when it comes to the cultural war, our cultural stockpiles are filled with weapons, possibilities and capacities."

"Definitely, we have the upper hand in such a war," the commander said, adding that Iran will defeat the enemies by using the existing capacities.
And they will still have the "weapons" and "possibilities" in reserve?

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