Monday, July 16, 2007

Iranian Press Today: Some conspiracy, some inter-Axis blather, some Supreme Leader pronouncements

IRIB: "When time is up for Osama Ben Laden?"
As soon as the time is up for Osama Ben Laden, American President George W. Bush will announce capture of the al-Qaeda leader, a Persian daily, Iran, said on Sunday.

The daily said in an editorial that the September 11 terrorist attack in 2001 was made under suspicious circumstances for which Ben Laden was held responsible, but, political observers were aware of the fact that Ben Laden had connections with America where he had undergone training arranged by the Central Intelligence Agency.

"The CIA had helped Ben Laden organize Taliban in Afghanistan and it was clear that Ben Laden's possible involvement in twin towers terrorist attack could not be successful in the absence of coordination with the neo-conservative war mongers in the White House."

The events which took place in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in America helped raise the theory of complicity of the White House in the twin towers explosion, the editorial said.

"Declaration of crusade against Islam and subsequent propaganda campaign against Muslims led to a war against the Muslim Ummah as the great nation standing up to America hegemony."

"Invasion of Afghanistan put America on the forefront of clash of civilizations which was the strategic depth of America in advancing its hegemony," part of the editorial written by IRNA Managing Director Jalal Fayyazi said.[...]
IRNA: "Sensitive regional status necessitates Ahmadinejad's Syrian visit - Syrian diplomat":
Head of Syrian Foreign Ministry's Strategic Studies Center said here Monday "extremely sensitive" regional status makes President Ahmadinejad's upcoming visit of Damascus quite necessary.

Samir al-Taqi further emphasized in an exclusive interview with IRNA correspondent in Damascus, "The situation in the region is quite alarming today and in need of close consultations and full harmony among allies in order to confront the crises and challenges with which regional countries are faced with." [...]
Fars News: "Leader Rejects World Division into Hegemonic, Submissive Nations":
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei rejected the present conditions in the world, where efforts of the bullying powers to monopolize science and technology have divided the world into "advanced and under-developed" or "hegemonic and submissive" nations.

The Leader made the remarks during a visit to Rouyan Research Center and an exhibition of the achievements of University Jihad here on Monday.[...]

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