Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kim achieves centuries of dignity

From (North) Korean News:
Songun politics pursued by the Workers' Party of Korea fully incorporates the steadfast faith in independence, stout-hearted grit, unswerving political decision and distinguished political ability of Kim Jong Il, says Rodong Sinmun in an article Tuesday.

The DPRK's high dignity and authority are immediately his unquestioned authority and all the victories and epoch-making changes are historical miracles wrought by his Songun politics, notes the author of the article, and goes on:

The DPRK has been throwing its rays as a dignified independent power century after century. This is unthinkable apart from Songun politics of Kim Jong Il.
That's what it says.
The WPK's Songun politics is one resolutely safeguarding the sovereignty and dignity of the country and the nation.

Regarding it as the paramount issue of principle for defending the supreme interests of the state and the basic interests of the revolution to safeguard the sovereignty and dignity of the country and the nation, this policy relentlessly strikes back any attempt to provoke or infringe upon the sovereignty and dignity of the DPRK, without the slightest concession and compromise.

Songun is, immediately, independence and dignity. It is owing to the great Songun politics that no one dares provoke the dignity of the DPRK and the Korean nation.

The WPK's Songun politics is the one solving all the problems arising in the revolution and construction in its own way.

Basing itself on the principle of independence, the WPK decisively rejects the interference and pressure of any outsiders and resolves all the questions arising in the revolution and construction in its own way in conformity with the interests of the Korean revolution and the situation of the country, not wedded to any ready-made theory and formula. This is why the WPK's Songun politics is the most authoritative and viable politics.

The WPK gives a steadfast continuity to independence in the external relations, too.

It resolves all the problems arising in external relations fairly and squarely in accordance with its opinion and will. In the international arena, the DPRK pushes through its intention, saying what it wants to say, neither reading other's face nor bound by any fetters.

Songun politics of the WPK is the most steadfast politics of independence which makes it possible to highly display the dignity of the nation and bring only brilliant victories.
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