Saturday, July 21, 2007

Northern California Jewish News: Customer told "Jews need to be killed"?

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, a San Francisco store that has received some notoriety because of an anti-Israel boycott, is now back in the news. According to Northern California Jewish News, a customer was subjected to an "Alleged anti-Semitic tirade":
“Paper or plastic?” is a checkout line conversation-starter David Alexander Nahmod has heard a million times.

But “Jews need to be killed, it’s the only way to get them off Palestinian land” and “You’re just a stupid Jew” are snippets he says he heard at the checkout line once — and that was enough.

Nahmod, a 51-year-old freelance writer and Sephardic Jew, recently filed a complaint with San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission claiming discrimination when a counterwoman at the Rainbow Grocery Cooperative allegedly showered him with anti-Semitic invective late last year.

Nahmod further claims that when he complained to customer relations about the incident, the attendant told him to leave him alone or he’d “whoop” him.

Rainbow officials declined to field j.’s [Northern California Jewish News] numerous phone calls. One member of the store’s board abruptly hung up during a phone interview, while another demanded that an interview request be submitted in writing. It was. We then received a fax claiming Nahmod was banned from the store because of his “continued documented harrasment.” [...]
Sounds incriminating. And you can't say that "j" isn't sympathetic to progressive people.

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