Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Date goes on

EOZ, IsreallyCool, and, of course, MPAC-UK, are reporting new developments in the Zionist date saga. According to Islam Online, the perfidious Zionist dates have now reached Morocco.
Branded with Israeli trademark "Bat Sheva", Israeli dates are flooding Moroccan markets during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

"I found dates carrying Israeli trademark in the markets," Abdel-Jalil, a teacher, told Saturday, September 22.

Trademarked "Bat Sheva"--the Hebrew name of the town of Beersheba--the Israeli dates can been seen in abundance on the shelves in eastern and central Morocco.

The "Made in Israel" label is obviously seen on the packages.

"We used to buy dates from Arab countries such as Tunisia," said hajj Mohamed, a dates vendor.

"I myself would not buy dates produced by our enemy," he said.

The Israeli-Arab conflict dates back to the 1948 when well-armed Israeli militants bombarded Palestine and forced its natives into a panicky flight to establish the state of Israel . . .


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