Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fisk on the Antoine Ghanem murder

Note the gratuitous references to Israel as he discusses--or avoids discussing--Syria's role. From the Independent:
Antoine Ghanem was an easy target. Few bodyguards, no one would think that a member of parliament who represented the Armenians of Lebanon was a target. The little street in which he lived – tall tower blocks, boutiques, flower shops, was not a place where you would try to kill an enemy of Syria – if he was an enemy of Syria – but Antoine was blasted to pieces in his car as he left his home yesterday evening . . .

Lebanon is not a democracy in our Western sense of the word. Nor, for that matter, is Israel. "Democracy", as we like to call it in the West, does not sit easily in this part of the world.

But Lebanese politicians – for the most part but not always, men, are brave folk – who know the cost of standing up for their country against its more powerful neighbours, be those neighbours Israel or Syria.

There will be few in this country last night – and today – and tomorrow – who will not see Ghanem's murder as another attempt by the Syrians to destroy any form of freedom in this little country. There will be equally little proof that shows Syria to blame.[...]
We'll see. Is Fisk accusing Israel? There are other hints in the parts I didn't excerpt.

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