Monday, September 03, 2007

IRIB: "Qatar: NAM should stop Zionist regime"

Anti-Zionist hypocritical blather of the day:
The Qatari Foreign Minister, Ahmad Ben Abdullah al-Mahmoud on Monday expressed his country's concern over the Zionist regime's moves in destroying the Palestinians identity.

Speaking at the Non-Alligned Movement Ministrial Meeting on Human Rights and Cultural Diversity, the Qatari foreign minister said that Qatar asks all members of the Non-Alligned Movement (NAM) to find a solution to prevent the Zionist regime's inhumane acts.

"All of religions, Islam in particular emphasize freedom, magnanimity and human rights," he said.
Group hug!
"Islam addresses all nations," the Qatari official added.

Pointing to articles one and four of the United Nations Human Rights Convention which underlines cultural diversity, human rights and freedom, he said "we should find a way through which transfer the great human heritage (cultural diversity) to the next generation.

"We should oppose anti-cultural acts through talks and mutual understanding," the Qatari official underlined.

Pointing to the United Nations' role in preserving countries' cultural heritage, he said that the United Nations should prevent cultural attack among world countries.

"Qatar defends the final statement of the Non-Alligned Movement's meeting which had positive aspects," he reiterated.

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