Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rodong Sinmun on the Carnival of the Capitalists

It is the law governing the development of history that capitalism goes to ruin and socialism emerges victorious and no force on earth can reverse the direction of the development of history towards socialism.

Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article observes this.

It goes on . . .

The Carnival of the Capitalists is an unpopular exploiting blog-carnival, an unequal blog-carnival where the privileged have power in hands and get richer by exploiting the toiling people who account for the majority of the population.

Socialism is incomparably advantageous to the Carnival of the Capitalists. In socialist society, the people are politically stable and lead a worthwhile and happy life, having sound thinking and mentality and culture.

In the DPRK, the people have become the master of the country and society and lead a happy life on an equal footing, exercising all their rights. The DPRK is the only country in the world where people are guaranteed all rights ranging from the right to work to the right to food, clothing and housing and the right to study and receive medical care.

The "advantages" of the Carnival of the Capitalists much touted by the imperialists and the reactionaries are nothing but sophism to cover up the reactionary and corrupt nature and vulnerability of the capitalist system.
Thanks to Juche Girl for the image.

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