Friday, September 21, 2007

Drat! Somebody leaked Plan A!

This is a D-Kos diary from an entity calling itself "Roseeriter." Spot the dangling modifier:
Seem's like odd timing to me. Either he's got really big balls and is flaunting himself, daring Bush or is he being set up?

The scenario that keeps coming to my mind is with Ahmadinejad out of Iran what a perfect time to strike his nuke plants. Especially where Israel is bombing strategic areas in Syria and Bush wouldn't 'talk' about it at yesterday's news conference..well it smells fishy to me.

As a published author of three novels, my writer's intrigue sees all kinds of set-up scenarios. As a Bush hater I see all kinds of sinister plots.

For instance if Bush does Bomb Iran while the Iran president is in the states, Ahmadinejad could easily be detained, thus preventing an Iraq occupation scenario in Iran meaning troops won't have to be deployed on the ground and that would make 'things' look better for Bush.

Just food for thought.
I could use a good fast.

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