Monday, September 03, 2007

Seattle P-I: Nativist Luddite wields crowbar at Home Depot

This story is ripe for politicization:
. . . that age-old adage -- that patience is a virtue -- somehow slipped the mind of a man shopping at Home Depot on Utah Avenue South in Seattle on Thursday.

Around 9 p.m., the man was in line at a self-service checkout stand, ready to buy a pry bar and hacksaw, according to a Seattle police report.

But as a manager told an officer, the man accidentally hit the button for Spanish on the computer screen.

And that was the tipping point for this consumer.

He became "frustrated that the machine was speaking Spanish," the police report says.
But what was it saying in Spanish? Perhaps it said "Para concluir tu transacción romper por favor la computadora con una palanca."
So, instead of asking for customer service help, he let loose a blow with the pry bar and shattered the computer. He ran from the store and made a beeline to some nearby railroad tracks, the report said . . .
He's still at large, evidently, and likely to engage in more political activism.

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