Sunday, September 09, 2007

IRIB Radio on the Mossad-Arab Axis

We have met these same conspirators before:
New revelations have come to light which show The Zionist regime's intelligence agency, Mossad's involvement in the sacrilegious Terror attacks on the Holy Askari shrines; the shrines of 10th and 11th infallible successors of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon Him and his progeny) in the Iraqi city of Samara. The Iraqi newspaper, "Abeyant Al-Jadida" quoted an Iraqi interior ministry official as saying that based on the Iraqi security officials' investigations and inquiries into the bomb blasts which destroyed the minarets of the Holy Askari shrine, it has emerged that the Zionist regime's secret agents and spies were closely involved in carrying out these sacrilegious Terror attacks.

Those arrested in connection with the investigation into the Terror blasts at the Al-Askari shrine, have confessed that they carried out the Samara operations with a pre-planned plot through some Arab states in order to create religious and sectarian violence and seditions.

Without mentioning the names of those countries involved, the Iraqi paper, "Abeyant Al-Jadida" wrote Iraq's interior minister, Jawad Al-Bulani, will announce all the details of the Samara terrorist attacks in 4 days.

In their second sacrilegious Terror attack on the Holy Shrine in Samara, the terrorists blasted the minarets of the Holy mosque and shrine of the 10th and 11th infallible successors of prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him and his progeny) in June, 2007.

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