Monday, June 23, 2008

"Actions against Imperialists' Vicious Psychological Warfare Urged"

The Imperialists are using . . . I can't even say it . . . it's too horrible . . . highhandedness!!!! And that's not all:
To foil the imperialists' psychological warfare against the socialist countries and the anti-imperialist independent countries is an urgent demand and the common task of mankind for defending and advancing the popular masses' cause of socialism, the cause of independence.

Rodong Sinmun today stresses this in a by-lined article.

Upset by the ever-mounting atmosphere of opposition to unilateralism and arbitrary practices in the international arena and the escalating struggle of peoples for independence against imperialism, the imperialists are more persistently resorting to the vicious psychological warfare after judging that it is impossible to realize their wild design for world supremacy only by means of highhandedness, the article points out, and says:

The imperialists' psychological warfare is a main lever for materializing their strategy to disintegrate the progressive countries from within. They seek to create conditions favorable for attaining their ambition for aggression and domination by hatching all sorts of plots and conspiratorial cases and conducting deceptive propaganda to confuse the mental state of the masses.

The ultimate aim of their psychological warfare is to topple the systems of the socialist countries and the anti-imperialist independent countries and put those countries under their control.

Through this warfare, the imperialists are scheming to make the peoples feel frustration and blankness and create an illusion about capitalism and thus realize their ambition for overturning the systems in those countries with ease.

The imperialists are now attempting to realize the above-mentioned ambition by inducing through the psychological warfare the peoples of those countries to harbor discontent and distrust toward their leaderships and stand against them.

The world progressive countries and peoples should wage a vigorous struggle to foil the imperialists' psychological warfare, being well aware of its reactionary nature and danger and detrimental effect.
Among the chief weapons of the Imperialists to confuse the mental state of the masses are vicious blog carnivals to make the people feel frustration and blankness. The world progressive countries should wage a victorious struggle to foil Imperialist Haveil Havalim and Carnival of the Unilateralist Insanities.

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