Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Socialism Emerges Victorious for Scientific Accuracy and Truth"

Gotta love these guys:
The Korean people are all out in a general offensive to build a Juche-oriented great, prosperous and powerful nation, full of conviction of sure victory and optimism about socialism.

Socialism is the life and soul of the Korean people.

It is a law of historical development that socialism is sure to emerge victorious for its scientific accuracy and truth.

Socialism is the ideal and aspiration of the popular masses that are endeavoring to realize the natural requirements of the social being to live and develop in an independent way.

The independent nature of the people cannot be changed as long as the social being remains and the independent demand of the popular masses will remain unchanged as long as they live as the masters of history. It, therefore, is entirely reasonable that socialism is the aspiration of the people.

Because socialism conforms to their independent demand, the popular masses have the unshakable resolution to meet it without fail.

No force on earth can break the will of the popular masses as it reflects the independent desire of the social being and the lawful requirements of historical development.

Socialism is certain to be crowned with victory as the transition from the society based on individualism to the society based on collectivism is the inevitable demand of historical development.

Man can exist and develop only when he acts as a member of the social collective and the social members can transform the nature and society and attain their independent demand only with their concerted efforts.

Being based on collectivism, socialism is the most advanced society conforming to the independent nature of man.

The victory of socialism is related to the fact that socialism is the new.

History proves that the new rises and the old falls.

Socialism is a new society radically differing from the old ones which violate the independence of the popular masses.

The new society where the independence of the popular masses is achieved can be built only by advancing along the road of socialism.

Representing what is new, socialism certainly emerges victorious.
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