Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kim Jong Il gives field guidance at theater and restaurant!

The last time we covered some of the Dear Leader's undying feats of field guidance we witnessed his outstanding brilliance in the field of fertilizer. Now we learn that the Dear Leader is also a master caterer:
General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave on-the-spot guidance to the reconstructed cultural establishment and renovated public catering centers in Pyongyang.

The Taedongmun Cinema House, Okryu Restaurant and Chongryu Restaurant which had served the people for a long period as buildings symbolic of the WPK's policy of love for people have been reconstructed or renovated as monumental structures in the era of Songun, bringing great joy to the people of the country who will significantly mark the diamond jubilee of the DPRK.

The first leg of his guidance was the reconstructed Taedongmun Cinema House.

Looking round the inside of the cinema house, he learned in detail about its reconstruction ranging from screening to sound facilities.

He sent high appreciations and thanks to the soldier builders for successfully reconstructing the modern cinema house, noting that it is good in its internal structure and high in the level of its construction and, at the same time, flawless in its form and style as a cinema house.
He especially sent high appreciations for the Songun popcorn machine.
He set forth the tasks to be fulfilled by the cinema house to operate it, pleased to see the Taedongmun Cinema House taking on new appearance as a splendid cultural palace to enable people to fully enjoy a diverse cultural and emotional life.

The next leg of his guidance was the renovated Okryu Restaurant.

He acquainted himself with the renovation of the restaurant, making the rounds of the exterior and interior of the restaurant and Moran House for a long while where the classical and modern architectural beauties of the nation are blended with each other and their elegant, magnificent and exquisite styles are in perfect harmony.
The walk-in freezer pulsates with the spirit of Mt. Paektu!
He highly appreciated the feats the officials and builders of the Pyongyang City Bureau for Guidance to Construction have performed by turning Okryu Restaurant into an excellent public catering center by displaying the spirit of devoted service to people and extended thanks to them, expressing great satisfaction over the fact that the restaurant has been renovated on the best level so that it might win the admiration of even posterity.

He underscored the need for the modernly renovated restaurant situated on the picturesque bank of the River Taedong to make more brisk service to the people, indicating the tasks to be fulfilled by it and the ways to do so.

The last leg of his guidance was the renovated Chongryu Restaurant.

He learned in detail about the renovation of the restaurant, walking round the exterior and interior of the restaurant.

He highly appreciated the feats performed by the soldier builders, greatly satisfied to learn that they have completed the renovation project qualitatively in a brief span of time.

The Taedongmun Cinema House, Okryu Restaurant and Chongryu Restaurant are the fruits of the great love as they represent President Kim Il Sung's idea of believing in people as in Heaven, he said, adding: It is our sacred duty and noble moral obligation to glorify generation after generation these precious heritages bequeathed to us by the President.
The sacred socialist beanery!
He underlined the need to spruce up the above-said cinema house and restaurants at the best level as cultural and catering centers for people, and steadily improve service to people and thus give fuller play to the advantages of the people-centered socialist system in the DPRK.[...]

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