Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"the dirty hands of criminal Zionists targeted leaders of Palestinian groups"

A predictable response to the assassination of "the PLO's number two in Lebanon." From IRNA, Iran's most official agency:
Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi condemned the assassination of a top Fatah official, terming it as a suspicious and blind terrorist act.

Outlining the opportunistic nature of the Zionist regime which is always after highlighting differences, he said the dirty hands of criminal Zionists targeted leaders of Palestinian groups exactly at a time when all Palestinian groups are adhering to the strategy of unity among themselves and were focusing on the initial ideals of the nation.

Condemning the assassination of the Fatah deputy Kemal Medhat, he stressed the need for all Palestinian groups to maintain their vigilance.

The foreign ministry official also hoped that Palestinian leaders would focus efforts on the ways of safeguarding the achievements attained so far due to brave resistance of the nation.

A bomb killed Medhat, in the Palestinian Fatah faction and four other people in southern Lebanon on Monday.
Meanwhile, according to the Daily Star:
Lebanese newspapers on Tuesday described the assassination as a settling of scores between rival Palestinian factions.

"Mieh Mieh: a fratricide?" said the French language L'Orient-Le Jour newspaper.

The As-Safir newspaper echoed the view. "Although all Palestinian factions were quick to denounce the crime and blame Israel and its agents, security officials believe that Medhat was killed in a settling of scores," it said.
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