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Iran's "international police" receive "detention verdict of 25 Zionist commanders and criminals"

The idea is that Iran has its own Interpol?
Tehran's attorney Saeed Mortazavi delivered the detention verdict of 25 Zionist commanders and criminals to IRI's international police on Sunday.

Due to Tehran attorney's request from international police to summon 25 Zionist commanders and criminals, this department started its measures to pursue these persons.

After receiving the verdict, the general office of international police requested the summons (Red Notice) of these persons from the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) in official and international procedures. The issue has been put on ICPO's agenda.
Elsewhere in the Iranian press, Mehr News reveals that the West is "attempting to create rift between Iran and Arabs":
The U.S. along with Israel and many European states are attempting to "create a rift between Iran and Arab countries", Lebanon’s top Shia cleric Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlalah has stated.

The U.S. seeks to make the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf region afraid of Iran’s nuclear program, he told ISNA in an exclusive interview published on Sunday.

However, Iran has made "comprehensive efforts" to prove that U.S. policies are wrong, he added.

The cleric said former U.S. secretary of states Condoleezza Rice tried to make Iran look like Arabs’ number one enemy and Israel as their friend so that Arab states would form a coalition against Tehran.

But such actions have always failed as Iran’s policies towards the Persian Gulf countries are "open", he added.

For instance, he said, to clear up misunderstandings about former Iranian Parliament speaker Ali Akber Nateq Nouri’s recent remarks with regard to Bahrain, Iranian officials took immediate action to elaborate on remarks by Nateq Nouri to prevent any misinterpretation and this showed Iran’s "positive and open" policies towards Arab countries. [...]
Morocco was not convinced.

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